Total Drive App

Pupil App Overview


Login Screen

Login to the App using the details sent to you by your instructor, this will be the student 4 digit pin, mobile number and password sent to you via text.

Next tap login and you will be able to review the terms and conditions, you will need to tap Agree to gain access and login to the App.

Student Home Screen

Once you have logged in, the following home screen will be displayed. This will show a quick preview of the next upcoming lesson at a glance and any lesson gaps should you wish to see what’s available from your instructor.  You can also pay for your next lesson on this screen if your instructor has enabled payment processing


You can view both Future Lessons and Past Lessons located on the bottom navigation panel under the highlighted icon shown below.

Tapping the “⌄” next to the most recent lesson will show the pickup and drop-off locations.

Progress Syllabus

Here on the highlighted icon you can check your progress with regard to your driving skills and how you are performing.


Any changes appear here shown on the highlighted icon below, when lessons are added you will receive a text and a notification will appear here, along with any lesson gaps your instructor broadcasts and when the Progress Syllabus is updated.

From this screen, you can also message your instructor through the App.


Payment information is located on the highlighted icon below, from here you can view your payments made including payment method and if the instructor has enabled payment proesssing you can Pay any outstanding balances that are owed for booked lessons etc.


On the home page you can access DVLA Websites by tapping  “Resources”. From here you will be able to book your Theory and Practical tests and also view information that your instructor has added.

Theory Practice

You can subscribe to the Theory Practice for real time mock tests including Hazard Perception videos.

Reflective Log

Reflective logs are here to aid your driving personal progression and give feedback on how you thought the lesson went. It’s a tool for noting your personal achievements and developments and allows you to set targets. This allows the instructor to read the six answers you complete.

You can view Past Logs and can view all logs in one view.

Learning Aids

Here you can find really helpful resources with 3D Video Teaching Aids:

  • Digital Driving Course
  • 36 Training Material Videos
  • Junctions, Manoevers & more
  • Voice-over Audio

Tap the “Buy Now” which will take you to the payment screen to buy the video set.

Lesson Gaps

Notifications will appear on the home screen showing any “Lesson Gaps” your instructor broadcasts to their Active/Waiting Pupils.

This is a first come first serve basis, once a Pupil accepts the Lesson Gap, the Lesson disappears as it has been taken. To Book the Lesson Gap just tap book and this will automatically add the lesson to your Lesson view shown in image 3.

By tapping the “≡” icon located in the top right of the screen, you will populate the menu shown in the image below.

Edit Profile

You can edit your profile details from here, personal details and contact details can be updated including theory status.

Day Availability

From here, you can set when you’re available for booking lessons so your Instructor can better plan lessons
for convenience. Simply tap the days and time slots for when you’re available and tap save when finished.

Changing Profile Photo

Should you wish to add a Profile Photo, you can do so by tapping the “Change Profile Photo”. This will allow you to either add a photo from your stored images from your device or you can open the camera and take a new photo. You will receive a prompt asking for access to take a photo, allow this and take the photo and confirm to save changes.

Contacting your driving instructor through the App

You can call or text your instructor through the app within the Profile, tapping “Call Instructor” will bring your instructor’s contact number up to call.

Tapping “Send SMS Message” will open your text messages on a new message with your instructor’s number prefilled.

Driving School Terms

Terms and Conditions for your driving instructor’s school are found here.

Personal Safety

Key information about Total Drive and your driving school is found here.

Log out

If you need to log out of the app for any reason the option can be found under Profile > Logout.