Term’s and Condition’s

DVSA Syllabus: I will Endeavour to teach the correct driving skills according to the recommended syllabus issued by DVSA within the minimum number of lessons required.

Licence: The student must provide a valid UK licence on the day of the first lesson, no photos, copies or foreign licences will be accepted. A DVLA licence check code must be provided before the first lesson. No Licence or no check code the lesson will end and no refund offered. The student must inform me immediately if you receive any endorsements on said licence. No refund will be available if you are unable to drive due to endorsements. You are responsible to provide your licence when required i.e., to police or DVSA on your test.

Eyesight: You must be able to pass the DVSA eyesight check before driving, no refund will be given if you cannot pass the required test and the lesson will end. You may be asked to carry out another eyesight check at any time and the lesson will end if you cannot pass. No refund will be offered.

Working hours: 08:00 to 20:00 daily this shall be known as a DAY, Monday to Sunday. If contacted after 20:00 daily the contact will be classed as the next day even if delt with after hours.

Contact: Contact with me is via text message to 07857 404099, I will message or call ASAP. Do not send messages via the total drive app, app messages will not be actioned.

Payment: Introductory offer of 3 hrs for £105 (2 90 min lessons) Hourly rate can be found on the Prices page. Lesson’s must be paid for in advance. If lessons are not paid for leaving 3 full days before the day of the lesson they will be offered to others, the lesson will still be available to you and can be confirmed by me once paid for. Payments are non-refundable 14 days after the original payment date or if a lesson is taken from block payments. Payments will be classed as spent one month after the payment is received if not used or booked, gift cards will be classed as spent 1 month after presentation date if not used or booked. Bank transfer is the only payment method, cash is not accepted. Payments must use YOUR NAME as the reference, if your name is not used the payment may not be applied to your account and the lesson may be offered to others, DO NOT USE, Driving lessons or Driving class as a reference. Receipts are given on request. Do not use the Total Drive payments, it does not work.

Payments from external sources: Payments from external sources can be made, the starter package cannot be used. Any lessons taken before payment is received must be paid for by you in full. No fee will be charged for the original invoice however any time taken thereafter either following up on invoices of arranging a refund will attract an administration fee of 1 hour. Payments received are non-refundable 14 days after the invoice date or if part used and if refunded will only be refunded to the original payee.

Cancelation Policy: The cancelation policy is 2 full days before the day of the lesson, if for whatever reason you cannot attend the lesson and you give less than 2 full working days’ notice before the day of the lesson your fee may be forfeited.

Attendance: I will attend all paid lessons at the the booked time on occasions I may be late due to traffic etc, if any more than 15 mins I will message you, if you need to cut the lesson short you will be credited for the time. On arrival I will text to say: “I’m here”. After 15 mins with no reply or no show I will message to say: “I’ve waited 15 mins, I’m leaving now”. A photo will be taken as proof. The lesson time starts at the booked lesson time or text received time if my arrival if late.

Practical Tests: Bookings can only be made with prior arrangement with me. The preferred method is for your test to be booked via my booking system, this gives us more control and saves checking with me. When booked via my booking system you need to pay the test fee directly to DVSA. You will then need to pay for the test time which I charge 2.5 hrs fee closer to the time. You are able to move or cancel your test however DO NOT move it without checking with me. You must leave my email on the system so I receive notifications, all emails will be forwarded. So, the total cost of a test is the test fee + 2.5 hrs at your current rate. If you cease to become a student for whatever reason your test will be cancelled and DVSA will refund your card. I reserve the right to swap your test with another student before it is cancelled. On test you will be asked if you would like me to accompany you. It is your choice. If you chose for me not to go you will be asked if you would like me, be whatever present for the debrief, while DVSA state this is your choice you must let me hear the debrief whatever the outcome I can help you either way. By using my car for test, you agree to letting me be present for the debrief. Before your test you MUST be test ready, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You do not need prompts from me.
  • You do not make serious or dangerous mistakes.
  • You feel your ready.
  • I agree your ready.

If these conditions are not met your test will be moved until you can meet these conditions. Tests can be moved or cancelled leaving 3 clear days to the day of the test. If a dangerous fault is committed after the 3-day period I reserve the right of use of my car.

Use of vehicle on test: I reserve the right to withhold the use of my vehicle for your test without reason.

Damages: Whilst in control of the vehicle you are responsible for any damages caused and or insurance Excesses. I will try to prevent such damage’s by means of intervening however you are still liable. Whilst on Test I cannot intervene, the examiner may intervene but is not required to and is not liable. This includes soiling of the vehicle where a valet is required. You will be billed for any repair costs and any time lost at the going rate.

Liability: I accept no liability for accidents, injury or damage to third parties caused by your recklessness or negligence during the lesson.

Costs and Fines: Whilst in control of the vehicle you are liable for all costs, I will not direct you through Tolls etc. If I do then I will be liable. You will be liable for all road fines i.e.,’ bus lanes, speeding etc.

Location: You are responsible to tell me where each lesson will start if it is not your usual pick-up location. Any pick up outside Darlington must be agreed in advance. If I am not informed of a different location your lesson time will start at the arranged time from your usual location.

Drugs and Alcohol: If I suspect you are under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol your lesson will cease and no refund will be offered.

CCTV: The vehicle has front and rear facing camera they all record sound. These are for safety and will not be turned off. I am the data controller for the CCTV. The front and rear cameras may be used for instruction or social media however no sound will be used. The cameras sound will be turned off for tests when DVSA become the DATA controller.

Privacy: Information held about you will not be shared. With the exception it is required by Police, Insurance, DVSA and DVLA Etc. All information will be deleted 1 month after you cease to be a pupil in line with GDPR.

Complaints: Complaints are to be delt with in accordance with the ADI Code of Practice.

Photos: Photos of students taken following a successful test will be used on social media, the site Gallery and advertising campaigns, if you don’t agree you must tell me when I ask to take the photo.

Agreement: If you are under the age of 18 you MUST nominate a parent or legal guardian who MUST log in to the Total Drive App as a parent, they will be sent login details once a name and number is provided. No lessons will commence until the Terms and Conditions have been agreed to. By logging into and using the Total Drive App you or your Gradian agree to these terms and conditions. If you or they do not agree, do not log in and do not use my services. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be notified by app message and use of the app there after is taken as you or your parent or guardian agreeing to the changes.

Terms and Conditions last updated 10/05/2024 21:25, continued use of the Total Drive app and my services thereafter is deemed as acceptance.